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Transform Your Body Transform Your Life

Jun 15, 2018

In this episode i explain the benefits of working out while your fasting. The kind of training you should be doing when fasting and the time you should train to reap the best benefits . Please leave a comment below if you have any questions 

May 14, 2018

In this episode i explain the connection between the nervous system and the brain and how when there is a miscommunication within that pathway this is when most health conditions are created . 

If you a ver stressed person or someone that takes medications or has digestive issues , maybe you have high bloo dpressure...

May 11, 2018

In this episode i explain how to burn fat in ramadan , when to train when fasting , how to enjoy certain high calorie foods and last question how to avoid gaining weight a little while after loosing the weight which happens to a lot of people . 

Here is the link to my private facebook group 

and my youtube channel for...

May 5, 2018

Have you been expressing you want to workout and change your body but you dont have enough time ? Then you must listen to this episode!

Apr 10, 2018

In this episode, i interviewed a woman who inspires me and many more women around the world . Jennifer Chalouhi is a Fitness & Health Coach she is the owner of Jump Fit Dubai and gives group classes as well as personal training . 

She is known for her passion , enthusiam and positive energy for life and everything that...