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Transform Your Body Transform Your Life

Feb 26, 2018

Have you been eating less and less in order to loose more weight ? Maybe you lost your first 20 pounds and now you reached a plateu . In this episode i explain what happens to your body when you eat less and how this could be the reason why your not loosing any more weight ! 

Feb 25, 2018

Do you always get bloated ? This episode just might be the answer !

Here is the doctors website i explained in the episode

If there is a food you want to check on that isnt listed , you can google it and just click on the same website that shows at the top and the information for that particular...

Feb 16, 2018

Todays episode was sponsored by Veganity . They are a Vegan meal prep company based in Dubai . You can contact them at or you can follow them on instagram at @Veganityuae 

Live healthier and learn how to make almond milk in 2 minutes ! Now a days everything is GMO and injected with hormones so...

Feb 6, 2018

Find out what spice will help reduce stress and make you feel good immediately !